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Our team of technicians performs the installation of our ceilings and walls. They are highly trained to achieve an absolutely perfect installation, each and every time.





1. Framing

There are two methods of framing:

A wall support is used when it is necessary to leave a gap between your existing ceiling and the stretched ceiling for insulation or sound proofing, lighting installation, leveling the ceiling or any number of other reasons.

A clip-in frame is attached directly to the ceiling when it is unnecessary for any gap between the existing ceiling and the stretched ceiling. With this method the gap is only 5/16 inch.

2. Clipping

Once the frame is in place, the vinyl sheet is inserted into the clip-in system on one side of the room using a tool that resembles a spatula. The vinyl is heated, stretched and inserted into the rest of the framework. As the vinyl cools down it stretches taut, leaving you with a perfect ceiling.


3. Cutting

Any excess vinyl is cut away, leaving only 3/16 inch of the frame visible. Any type of molding may be added to further enhance your ceiling. Cutouts are easily made for lighting fixtures, vents, sprinklers, speakers, etc.


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